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At The Cultural Fair, The Year 3 Class 6 Team Put Out Their Special Booth … The Haunted House. Welcome To The Cultural Fair At A School For Young Ladies. At This Super Popular Booth, Where People Are Lining Up Around The Block, “Visitors Will Get Some Nookie From A Sexy Ghost …” HUNTA967HUNTA-967 3年6組の文化祭の模擬店は…『お化け屋敷』。私立のお嬢様○校の文化祭。ひときわ行列のできる大人気の模擬店は『エッチなお化けに抜かれまくる…コスプレ, 中出し, 女子校生, 学園ものKawana Ai, Hoshinaka Kokomi, Hoshino Mio, Otobara Ai, Harukawa Rino – 河奈亜依, 星仲ここみ, 星乃美桜, 乙原あい, 春川莉乃

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