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DOMD-007 “Actually, I’m Being Threatened …” Pride Disturbs The Weakness And Cannot Be Shown Too Secretly Secretary Is Forced To Push Her From The Mouth Full Of Intelligence To The Back Of Her Throat ● If You Shoot Metta At Such A High Speed That The Bubble Blows, You Will Cry With Tears In Your Noble Eyes DOMD007DOMD-007 「実は私、脅迫されてて…」なんて弱みをプライドが邪魔して見せられない意識高すぎ系の秘書さんは知性溢れる口元から強引にチ●ポを喉奥まで捩じ込んだり清廉なマ●コが泡吹くほど高速でメッタ撃ちしてやると気高い瞳に涙を浮かべて悦び鳴くフェラ, ベスト、総集編, 指マン, 調教, 秘書Hara Chihiro, Kasumi Kaho, Ryuu, Honda Riko, Aisaki Reira, Enami Ryuu, Nakazato Sawa – 原千尋, かすみ果穂, RYU, 本田莉子, 愛咲れいら, 江波りゅう, 仲里紗羽

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